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2020 vision

If you're a farmer, you probably had one of the most challenging years ever. Are we going into 2020 positive or negative?

Farming by far, is one of the most challenging professions out there. You need to be a farmer, mechanic, accountant, and even a chemist. There are so many things we can't control including the weather and markets. While it's easy to get down and feel negative, let's focus on the positives. We live and farm in one of the best states in the country. There have never been more technology, programs, and chemicals to help you reach the yields and income you strive for. Our goal at Scheresky Ag for the new year is to help navigate through the year with understanding and strong agronomic advice.

Let's have a great 2020 and happy New Years from all of us at Scheresky Ag Service.

Brian Walsh

High Yield Specialist

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