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Ag show time!

It is a little blustery today as I write this. Many people get upset about the snow. Yes it is annoying, but I am hoping the pattern is changing. I would love to get rained out May 5th and have to sit for 2 days and not spray or spread fertilizer. I am going with the glass being half full and expecting a different year than last year.

Speaking of such, I know it is also getting annoying how the chemical world has caught up to the toilet paper shortage of two years ago. As a good friend of mine says, you just have to play the hand you are dealt. My sales staff has started contacting customers and working with you to make sure we have what you need on hand. Do not be afraid if you tell them WideARmatch today and switch to Talinor in season due to some unforeseen event. We are here to help you through the changes. The best way to deal with the challenges in 2022 is through communication, especially if you want to try out any of the new products. Unfortunately, prices will be up on some things. We just need to hope that the markets stay up as well.

Thank you for all your support and I hope to see you at the KMOT Ag show next week. Swing by the booth and we can try and solve the rest of the world’s problems together. I doubt the rest of the world will listen but we can have fun!


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