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Baby it's cold outside!

As we jet into the month of Thanksgiving, it sure feels like the deep freeze outside. We have been busy getting things winterized and in order for winter storage. The sales staff have been out and about as the early booking deadline is soon approaching on the 15th.

We had our fall seed meeting this week with wonderful food and knowledge served. Thanks to all who made the effort to come out. This year our reps gave small talks on different topics and products to look forward to.

Aaron Franklund of Croplan talked about the high yielding wheat we offer, and the new Truflex Canola which is the new Roundup Ready with a higher resistance and longer herbicide application timing.

Brady Schmaltz of LG seeds presented on iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in soybeans and what to look out for in your fields and how to manage it properly.

Trenton Bruner of BASF explained how the new bags of invigor canola will work for next year with the A,B,C,D bags based on a 10 acre bag to reach 5-7 plants per square foot. He also gave a brief overview on Credenz beans which is LL & RR traited.

Mark Erickson of Rea Hybrids talked about HDS (highly digestible silage) corn and also goss's wilt in corn. Goss's wilt is creeping it's way our direction and a couple ways of prevention is crop rotation and variety selection.

Zach Leier of Legend seed talked about the Enlist line up of beans which is Roundup Ready and 2,4-D choline tolerance bean.

It's been said that the number one factor to a successful farming season is early PLANNING. There are lots of new exciting products available, please reach out to the crew at Scheresky to find out what will work best on your operation.

P.S. Good luck to all gearing up for deer hunting and be safe out there!

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