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Bring Your Crops to the Next Level

Updated: May 13, 2020

Even with the struggles we have had in the 2020 planting season, we are already seeing crops emerging. It won't be long and we will be spraying in-crop herbicides.

ATP Nutrition Ag is a science-based plant nutrient company. They have many great crop nutrition products. Today I would like to focus on one of those products called ReLeaf.

ReLeaf is a nutrition/biostimulant product that tank mixes with your herbicide, making it a one-pass, user friendly product. It contains three key ingredients:

1. Macro and micro nutrition to foliar feed the plant with a boost of starter fertilizer

2. Convey, which is an organic acid that helps the plant manage stress

3. Seaweed extract, also called a biological activator, which helps the plant produce auxin promoting maximized root growth, helping with water and nutrient uptake.

There are 5 different products under the ReLeaf family, individually tailored to each of your crops' nutritional demands at herbicide timing.

The Scheresky Ag team is very excited about the ReLeaf products, because our crop advisors have seen less crop injury after spraying, healthier looking crops all season long, and the most important thing, some nice yield increases.

So before you get in the sprayer this year, give one of our agronomists a call to learn more about these exciting products.

Good luck planting, stay out of the mud, and have a great start to the 2020 planting season.

Brian Walsh HYS

Scheresky ag sales

Corn seeded in the plot 5/8

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