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Hotter than a $2 pistol

It sure is feeling pretty summery outside. We've had some questions on spraying dos and don'ts in this weather that I'd like to touch on a little bit.

Weather conditions have a great impact on weed control as well as crop injury. For most herbicides, the optimal temperature for application is 70-85. Weeds growing in stressed conditions often become more tolerant to herbicides while having less movement within the plant for chemical to translocate. Spraying in the morning or late afternoon is the best bet,

as the plants have recovered from the immense heat. Use of proper adjuvants is important as well to control weed pressures. If you have an questions or concerns feel free to reach out.

We in the Ag community strive to be the best stewards of the land we can be. We want to do our best to control potential weed wrecks that could cause nightmares in the years and generations to come. Keep up the faith we will make it through this together.

A side note reminder, our first return deadline is coming up on the 15th for seed, seed treatment, and pre-plant products.

Enjoy the weekend,


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