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It's better to be dead sure, than sure dead!

It is Friday afternoon and the snow is almost gone in the fields but a little snow is still in the ditches. We are at a better place with moisture than last year, in my opinion.

My focus today is safety. Take the time to consider that this spring. Here at Scheresky Ag we constantly talk about chemicals and fertilizer. Employee safety and farmers safety are just as important.

I could bore you with how I almost ripped my arm off two springs ago from a hydraulic motor on a conveyor trailer but it is still attached. Some of us take chances and don’t even realize we are doing it. We always feel we will be ok. That is the personality of a farmer. We have no fear when it comes to our own safety. So my suggestion before we get going this spring is to step back and fix a few of those PTO shaft covers. Buy some brake fluid for the truck that leaks it out every time you use it. Don’t always assume that other people will know about the three-step process to starting things instead of turning the key on. Well it keeps people from stealing it… Yes it maybe does!! Just remember it won’t really matter to your wife it you got that last thing done and you are severely hurt or dead.

So let’s have a safe spring. Watch for your neighbors going up and down those roads with the wide loads. We will watch for you as we deliver and help provide the products you need. Just remember it will be July 4th before you know it. Lets have a great spring!!

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