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let it sit, or spray it?

In the last week, there has been quite a few of our early crops that are approaching ripening. There are many cereal grains being sprayed for desiccation. This can be a great tool to help with easier harvestability.

Uneven staging and weed pressures are a concern in many fields. Dicamba and/or LV6 is a great addition to the glyphosate application to help target some of those pesky weeds.

As we all know or have seen, Kochia is thriving in this years conditions. Therefore, those plants are tough and we can’t expect to get a full kill on every one of those large hardened plants even with the addition of dicamba to the recipe. Dicamba will take out a majority of them and it will help to make the large plants sick and weak which will make harvest much easier. Make sure to keep in mind if you plan to make a fall burn-down application pick and choose where you want to add in the Dicamba if needed.

Volunteer Canola and Russian Thistle also seem to be a concern at this time in many fields. LV6 is a great option for those weeds. We also have an excellent product Latigo that is a combination of Dicamba and LV6, it’s a great fit for many acres this year.

As always, we are here to help in any way that we can. Whether that is recipe options, staging to be desiccated or custom application on those fields, so you can get the combines ready, feel free to give us a call!



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