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makin' it rain

This weeks scouting update: It rained!

Finally a majority of our area has seen some moisture, a blessing, a relief, not a cure all, but it helps.

As another week comes to an end, the wheat fields seem to be another 1-2 leaves bigger.

The recent and continuing heat is pushing the plants to put on leaves quickly and closely. This rain will sure help that out too.

Recently we have observed fields with heads emerging in headlands or low areas. Although many fields in our area range from 2-6 leaf, it is best to pick the majority and know some plants may fall out of the application window.

It is critical to stage the field prior to making an application. What may normally look like 3-4 leaf wheat from a distance could actually be 5-6 leaf or pushing the flag leaf emerging. Chemical plans can always be adapted to the conditions that are present. If you want to push the window out to boot stage instead of flag leaf, that can be done and chemical recipes can be changed. But overall remember we are stewards of the land and controlling the pressures at hand this year will help out for next year and years to come.

As always, we are here to help you make the best decision that works for your fields and your farm.

Kayla Rustad

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