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Memorial Day!

Hello all!

New role for me this spring. I have moved to sales/Agronomy advisor. I won’t be looking over scouting reports day to day and managing the scouting crew. This role now is my trusty co-worker Kayla Rustad job.

Instead, I will be helping out with sales, delivery, and customer questions. I know that many of my customer come to me for their weed issues and bugs, and I still encourage you to keep doing so, as I am a bit a nerd when it comes to pests. 😊

I won’t talk about the weather or the moisture or lack of on this post. We all are on the same page on that subject. And if any of you know me, I am the half full kinda girl, always optimistic, hopeful and faithful.

As for today, Memorial Day; A day to remember and honor all the brave hereo’s who served to hold our flag high.

As we move forward, work safe, play safe. I appreciate all of you.


Tammy Duchsherer

Sales/agronomy advisor

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