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New Year...New Possibilities

As 2021 comes to an end, we probably don't have to talk about how challenging the year was. Although, I feel a couple of the bright spots for 2021 would be that with the new seed varieties and genetics it was surprising how crops still survived with little to no rain. Of course the other bright spot would be the rise in commodity prices.

Looking forward to 2022 with the fall rains and recent snow it looks like we will be seeding into more moisture than the last two years, which is an exciting change. With the fertilizer and glyphosate prices as the hot topics for the new year, remember our agronomy team at Scheresky Ag can sit down and help you better utilize the fertilizer your operation needs.

Lets use the high price of glyphosate as a way to try out new chemistry such as pre-plant options and new herbicide products. We are working hard to make sure you will have the best choice for your operation next year.

Thank you to all of our customers and Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2022!

Brian Walsh

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