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Welcome to 2022! This is your year! By this time in the new year, our goals and resolutions are set and ready to attack. There are lots of uncontrollable factors that negatively affect our goals and knock us down. However, there are lots more factors that we CAN control to get out and crush our goals. The same thing goes for farm goals. WHAT ARE YOUR YIELD GOALS? The most common phrase I've heard this offseason goes along the lines of "well, if we don't get any moisture------." I want to challenge everyone to get out of that mindset and get aggressive about setting new goals. Set all things out of our control aside, and lets focus on what WE can do! It's good to be cognizant of outside variables, but let's try to not let them cloud our determination. I will list some of my resolutions below and leave a spot for you to think about some of your own.

Duran's Resolutions! Your Resolutions

1- Connect with more customers 1-

2-

3- increase my chemical knowledge 3-

4- hit the gym 4 times a week 4-

5- keep a work journal 5-

6- Be the best I can for my coworkers/customers 6-

Scheresky Ag Update

We are surviving the cold. We had our chemical reps come in and update us on new products coming down the pipeline, as well as brush up on some old products. The office staff has been doing some virtual trainings and going over soil samples and doing some fertilizer figuring. Shop is busy getting equipment serviced for the upcoming season and we're all grateful to be indoors here the last couple weeks! Looking forward to the Ag show coming up as well.

Duran Update, I had a fun filled holiday season, I spent a lot of time in the great outdoors! Did some light to moderate ranchin' with my little nephew at my sisters near Wapella SK. And had a blast getting some old sleds from the 70s running on the family farm.


My Grandpa bought the yellow one at an auction with a stuck motor for $5 back in the 90s. We got it running for the first time on New Years. The last time it was licensed was 1983.

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