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Spring Ahead

Well, It's that time of year again when we turn the clocks ahead and try to recover a little bit from the lack of sleep. The days are getting longer and the temperatures we've had the last few weeks have gotten most of the snow around here to disappear. As I've been on the road the last couple weekends I've noticed quite a few small flocks of geese as well.

Annual Meeting Recap

Last week we hosted our spring 2020 pep rally aka customer appreciation supper. We started it off with Eugene Graner giving an update on what the markets are up or "down" to. The sales staffed followed with Jeremy giving a presentation on soil fertility and the benefits of soil sampling and tissue testing. Tammy gave an update on the Palmer Amaranth that has made its way closer to us. Scouting fields early and often is crucial to keeping this noxious weed from wreaking havoc in our area. Brian and Kayla finished off their presentation by briefly talking about some of the new and exciting products that will be out for this growing season. After an awesome meal put on by LBJ Texas BBQ we finished the night off with some good laughs courtesy of Tim the Dairy farmer.

Scheresky Ag Happenings

Our sales staff are now out hitting the road armed with chemical pricing. They will be out and about sitting down and going over farm plans. We are still busy around the store continually preparing for the spring rush!


Hoping the best for all of you who are calving cows this time of year!

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