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Spring has Sprung

As you start to get into the fields, our scouting crew is right there with you. We have started to check in on the fields out there, and you might be intrigued by what we have found…..weeds, sprouting wheat, and even a little bit of moisture!

Things have changed just a bit with our scouting department this year. If you have not heard already, Tammy has moved to a full-time sales position and I am now managing our crop consulting. You will be seeing a lot of Kristine Rau out in the field this time of year; she is our full-time crop scout. Our interns Mindee and Alex will be joining us mid-May just as we get really rolling out in the field.

Now back to what we have been seeing out there this past week. Perennial weeds such as foxtail barley, absinth wormwood, dandelion, and alfalfa are beginning to emerge. There has also been some of those real tough horseweed plants that hung on from last fall starting to regrow. Kochia is also beginning to emerge along field edges and tree rows that have been protected over the winter. Along with the pesky weeds though, the wheat is beginning to sprout. Most of the fields we have looked at have adequate moisture in the seed bed and those sprouts are off to a great start.

Its never too late to have us add acres or start to scout your fields! We are excited to get out there and watch the crops grow with you!

Kayla Rustad

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