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Winter Vibes

This time of year, as we work on our taxes and look out the windows and see the snow-covered ground, many of us don’t feel the urgency to plan for spring. We at Scheresky Ag, have just finished the KMOT Ag Show in Minot last week. So, we know that our pre-ordered seed, fertilizer, and chemical will soon be shipped to our warehouses. And the countdown to planting will be here!

With the wet, cold fall, many of our farmers have soil preparations to do before any seed can be sowed. If you have not planned for spring yet, let us at Scheresky Ag Service help you. Having a plan in place is better than no plan. You can always make adjustments later if you need to.

We still have good seed varieties available and any one of our sales staff would be happy to help our customers. Duran, our operations manager has started a list for fertilizer spreading already. He knows that early planning takes the stress off of him as well. If you feel you will be behind with spring work and need spreading, bring in maps and get your fertilizer booked and get your name on the work list.

My crop consulting crew is in place as well. I’m excited to have two college students to work with me and my clients. I would love to add more acres to the program. Our scouting program helps customers know weed pressures and better make timely applications, as well as catch insect, disease or planting issues.

So, as you look out across your snow-covered acres, make a plan.

And let us help you.

Tammy Duchsherer

Sales/agronomy manager


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